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How to start a blog in India? How to become a blogger in India? How to earn money by writing blogs in India? Blah, blah, blah and so on.

Is it similar to your search history? If yes, then this page for you.

Here I have explained how to start a blog, especially in India with complete practical knowledge.

But what if I start a journey from today? Is it a good decision? Can I make money here?

In past, you may notice something like blogging is dead, SEO is no more, and so on.

But the fact is content marketing will never die. And today is the best time to start.

To start your blogging journey, read this whole article and understand everything from niche research to website setup.

So without wasting any single moment, let’s begin.

How to start a blog in India

6 easy steps to start your first WordPress blog in India

Niche Selection

It all starts with a small thing, which is niche.

Do you know what is niche?

Basically, niche is a specific topic in which you’re going to write your every further article.

Let’s understand with an example,

SEO is my niche (SEOfoam.com) and I’m going to share every further post related to SEO and blogging only.

Like this, you need to identify your specific niche before starting the blog.

But while selecting the niche, most new bloggers select some general niche which includes everything like finance, blogging, digital marketing, etc.

And because of one silly mistake, they fail to grow.

Even I also done this mistake,

But if you are reading this blog which means you’re never doing this same mistake which most people do.

Then how to find out the most profitable niche?

I already described how to find out a profitable niche within few minutes using IMT formula. I also shared some profitable niche ideas to start a blog in 2020.

By reading that article, you will understand your specific niche.

I assuming like, now you have a niche idea.

What after this?

On here onwards the real blogging game begins,

Domain Research

After getting your niche, selecting the best domain name is one of the challenging part of blogging.

When I planned about starting this blog, it takes me two long days only to get this name.

Because I had no clue what should be the name of this blog and trying hard to get a good name.

And, finally ended on SEOfoam.

But if you want to save more time by getting thousands of domain name ideas related to your keyword, use LeanDomainResearch.

It is a domain name research tool which will give you hundreds of domain name idea for free.

By putting only single keyword, you can generate a good domain name easily.

After getting the good domain name, visit any domain provider and book that domain.

I personally use Godaddy domain provider and you can go with this.

But which extension was good for my website? .com, .in, .net or any free domain provider?

First of all, if you want to grow your website and earn money from it then stay away from free domain extension like .tk, .ml, .blogspot.com

Because they never give a professional look to your website and making money using this kind of extension was 100 times more difficult than any paid domain.

So investing few pounds on a good domain was always a smart decision.

But on which kind of domain we need to invest?

With .com or .net, we can target almost every country. But if you want to target some specific regional audience then you can choose respected domain extension.

For example, .in extension works only in India where .uk is a perfect choice to target UK audience base.

Like this, you can choose the most appropriate domain name for your blog.

Wait, Want a FREE domain name? Might yes. Keep reading, I have mentioned how you can get the first domain for free.

Fast Hosting

After selecting the appropriate domain name, the next step was selecting the good hosting.

On here, most of the new people go with free hosting like blogspot.

But if you are very serious about your online business (blogging) then must do small investment on hosting. It will give you a return on investment very soon.

Even I also started with Blogspot and I can say how Blogspot will never give any professional look.

Why should you avoid Blogspot?

  • It won’t have an extreme customization option like beautiful home page design, lead magnet, and so on.
  • Google loves speed and on Blogspot, it is very difficult to improve loading speed.
  • Table of content is still not available on blogspot which is one of the ranking factor.
  • I also noticed that blogspot website takes too long time to appear on search engines compare to WordPress website.
  •  And one more main reason is the ugly permalink. You can see the clear difference between the blogger URL and WordPress URL.

You can see how permalink is big and it also having date, year. But if you check the wordpress permalink which look like this,

See the clear difference. And in seo, permalink is one factor of ranking. So,

To start your blogging career professionally, should go with WordPress.

To start a WordPress blog we must have a secure and fast loading web hosting.

Which hosting plan should I choose?

Here is another question that forces every person to think twice.

I suggest you go with the best hosting provider which had a positive user experience.

On this date, siteground hosting is the king of the hosting.

With siteground, you will get an amazing speed, excellent real traffic managing capacity, unlimited database, and so on.

But its price is not beginner friendly so i don’t think it is a good deal for you as a beginner.

Then, which is affordable for beginner?

Bluehost could be the best and affordable WordPress hosting for every beginner. Even it is WordPress recommended hosting provider

It offering various kind of hosting plan including VPS and dedicated hosting but as a beginer, shared hosting plan is enough.

There is one bonus for you if you go with Bluehost. that is, you are getting one domain name for absolutely free.

Yes, you heard right. By this you can save money as well.

Along with one-year FREE domain, you will also get the free SSL, unlimited database, live chat and call facility with there executive and so on.

And also you are getting 30 days money-back guarantee that means, you can test their server for the next 30 days. If you find any flaws then you can demand the refund.

This is best opportunity to have a good hosting. Click below link to win the best deal.

If you have any doubts regarding the hosting then feel free to express with me. I’ll definitely help you.

After choosing the best and secure hosting plan, now it’s a time of construction.

To build a beautiful looking website, we need themes and plugins.

The theme and plugin which I use,


After successful installation of wordpress on your hosting, now it’s time constructing the beautiful looking wordpress site.

When you open wordpress for the first time after the installation, it comes with one default theme.

May be default theme will have a decent look but that was not optimized.

We need to replace that sample theme with an optimized theme.

If you google about the best wordpress theme then you will get thousands of results.

Out of thousand, electing one theme is super hard stunt to do,

But if you get the best theme on the first attempt which most of the pro blogger use then you can have that on your blog without any hesitation.

The theme which I recommend you to use was, GeneratePress.

It comes with FREE and PRO version and I already described the difference between free and pro generatepress.

This is one of the theme which I use most and seofoam also designed by generatepress pro only.

To install the generatepress theme on your blog, visit generatepress official website and make purchase your first theme.

After payment, download the zip file and upload it on your plugin section of the wordpress dashboard.

Now you can customize your site structure according to your need.

(Wait, nead this premium theme for FREE? Keep reading. You will know the process)

After customizing the theme successfully, now we have to install few plugins which will make our blog more attractive and SEO friendly.

Essential plugins

Before knowing more about essential plugins, do you know what the wordpress plugin is? Why it was using on wordpress?

Wpbeginner says WordPress plugins are the apps which used to add new features and functionality on your blog.

If you ever visited home page of seofoam, you will get the complete different look which is not a default look at all.

How I designed that page? Shall I need hardcore coding knowledge?

First of all, you don’t need hardcore coding knowledge to become a blogger. We need a plugin called elementor to execute such a design.

Elementor is a page builder which used to design beautiful looking pages.

If you need complete practical knowledge on designing the beautiful page using elementor pro then kindly subscribe here. Soon you’ll get a complete tutorial on your mailbox.

Subscribe Now And Get the Latest Update directly on your mailbox..

Even the above subscription form is also designed using elementor pro only.

Other than elementor, there are few other plugins which I already used on this blog and you also can have to make your blog more responsive and secure.

Rankmath SEO (Free): – This is one of the SEO plugin which I used to conduct and measure the SEO on my each blog post. Besides this, it also helps to rank the web page.

Site kit by Google (Free):- Site kit is an official wordpress plugin by google which provides the insight from search console, google analytics, PageSpeed Insights an AdSense on your wordpress dashboard only.

Cloudflare (Free):- Cloudflare is on one of wordpress plugin which I used to accelerate page load speed and keep my wordpress site safe from DDoS and malware attack.

Ultimate Blocks (Free):- Guttenberg friendly wordpress plugin which helps to create a table of content, FAQ section, buttons, and much more essential feature.

Smush (Free and paid):- I love smush because of its lazy load feature. It also improves the page load speed by compressing the image which uploaded on a blog post.

Social snap (Free and paid):- Have you noticed that floating share buttons on the right side of the pc or at the end of the post? This is a magic of social snap plugin.

Wp Rocket (Paid):- Wp rocket is the best available cache plugin which I used to boost the speed, improve the SEO and compress the file.

These are essential and basic level plugin which almost every blogger use. Except wp rocket, almost every mentioned plugin comes with free plan.

Now our construction work almost over and it’s time to publishing the first post.

Publish First Post

How to start a blog in India

There are lots of tools available which you can use to generate the content idea. I already explained a few best free content writing and research tools.

Go through that and utilize every tool to make your first awesome blog post.

If you want an advance keyword research tutorial then let me know in the comment box and subscribe so you can get instant access after the publication.

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Till here we understand how to start a blog in India.

But what about revenue? How to earn from blogging? What are the possible ways?

How to make money using WordPress blog?

After publishing several articles on your blog, it’s time to thinking about monetization.

To make money with your blog we should have a minimum amount of targeted traffic.

To gain traffic from google we need to do SEO.

I already described the easy way of creating backlinks using web 2.0 and PDF submission. With this method, you can create several backlinks without any outreach or paying money.

Here are few ways of earning money from your blog.

Google AdSense:- According to Wikipedia, more than 11.1 millions website use AdSense to monetize their blog and you also can use AdSense to earn.

Affiliate marketing: Here is my one of favourite method of online earning. If you don’t own any product to sell then promoting others product on commission is the coolest method. Earn some commission per sale.

These are the two famous methods of earning money online with a blog. If you want more earning methods from the new blog then kindly comment below. I’ll share some secrete earning method of top bloggers.

Till here we got that how to start a blog in India and how to make money with blog. But,

Do you know how much it cost to start a blog in india? Blogging is the business and you should know how much capital you should you need to start a business.

How much does it cost to start blogging in india?

To start a successful blog what we need is, a good domain, secure hosting and themes and plugins.

But if you go with bluehost hosting then you are getting one domain name for free so ultimately you are saving money over there.

And because you are a true reader of this website I have something for you. I would like to give you 3 premium themes for you as a BONUS if you buy that hosting from below mentioned link.

And not only this, I will help you to set up your WordPress hosting along with free consultation of how to write a content which ranks on google.

So, don’t miss this opportunity of saving more than $100. To win this bonus what you have to do is, after purchasing hosting from below link send that invoice over my email address. You can get my email address here.

In initial days we have to invest on hosting only. Later you get to know automatically where where we should invest.

Best blogging platforms in india?

WordPress is the only platform to start a blog in India? Except WordPress, which are the platform we can use to start a webiste?

WordPress is not only platform which gives an opportunity to create a blog. There are few more platform are there which you can use. Some namely,

  1. Blogspot
  2. Medium
  3. Squarespace
  4. WIX

These are few platform where you can create your first blog and lets explore each one inshort.

We already talked about blogspot so i would like to move on second which is,

Medium. Medium is a platform where you can share your written content. You can create your blog but the consequence of medium is,

You can’t customize too much and you have to follow their every term. One mistake is enough to get ban.

Next one is squarespace which is a alternative of wordpress but it is paid one.

I don’t recommend wix because wordpress is far better then wix.

These are the few alternative for wordpress but i don’t recommend any of them.

Which language is best for blogging in India

This is most asked question in india. People often used to ask.

What is my thought on language is, start with english only because,

If you start a English blog then you find out that, there is already competition was there. And when you stand in between those war situation, automatically you will start to work like a worrier.

What I want to say is, start a english blog but if you already planned of having other language blog then don’t change the decision. Keep moving.

That’s it for today.

If you enjoyed this article on “how to start a blog in India” then let’s address some frequently asked questions.

Which are,


Is it worth it to start a blog in 2020?

Yes, this is only beginning of the digital era.

How much does a blogger earn in India?

According to QRIUS report, an average Indian blogger earns $300- $400 a month. But an expert will earn 10 times more than this.

How do beginner blogs make money?

Most beginners earn money by using AdSense where few other bloggers choose affiliate marketing.

How do I start a career in blogging?

First, start one blog, learn and apply every new strategy and scale it.

Final words

We almost covered every possible query on how to start a blog in India.

Hope you loved this lovely blog post.

If yes then don’t forget to share on your social media.

Your one share will making my day better then before. So don’t hesitate to share.

If you want my help to create your wordpress blog then kindly contact me.

I’ll definitely help you. You can contact me through the contact page.

That’s it for today. Have a good day.

Thank you.


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