GeneratePress Free vs Premium (2021): is FREE worth?


If you are reading about GeneratePress free vs premium review then might be you planned about having GeneratePress free or premium theme on your new or existing blog.

If this is your plan then you should know everything about GeneratePress free vs premium features before installing on your blog.

Some time people randomly purchase any theme for their blog or website and later feel uncomfortable with available features. But you’re not among those people.

On here, you will know which GeneratePress theme is suitable for your blog.

So without further introduction, let’s compare generatepress free vs premium.

GeneratePress review 2021

If you are a blogger then you already familiar with GeneratePress theme.

GeneratePress is a flexible WordPress theme which had 2.7+ million downloads along with 30,000+ happy customers across the globe.

Even SEOfoam also designed by using GeneratePress premium theme but before using a premium extension, I also used a free plan of GeneratePress which works quite well for me.

Here I will tell you why I shifted toward a premium theme and which plan is best for your blog.

And if you want to start your own website then i highly recommend you to use generatepress theme only.

Before that have an eye on comparison of GeneratePress free vs premium.

GeneratePress free theme features

GeneratePress free vs premium

When it comes to free, we always see lots of difference between free and premium but with GeneratePress, it’s completely surpriseful for me.

Except few features, I can access every major requirement for free. Some are,

  • Mobile-Friendly: According to forbes, more than 3.7 billion people using mobile to surf internet which means, mobile-friendly websites are current requirements. GeneratePress free theme is completely mobile friendly and responsive.
  • Light Weight: Page loading speed completely depends on the theme which we use and GenaratePress theme size is only 1 MB. This means it will contribute in your ranking as well.
  • Schema Optimized: Schema is an algorithm which helps search engine to understand your content and GeneratePress theme is completely schema optimized.
  • Reset Option: GeneratePress provides one-click default option which means, if you make any mistake with your layout structure then don’t need to worry too much. Just press reset and land with by-default layout.
  • Fonts and Typography: 100+ fonts available on a free theme only.
  • Pro module: GeneratePress offers 14+ pro modules for free which helps you to build beautiful looking webpages.

These are some major features available on the free extension of GeneratePress.

If this much feature already available for free then why we need to use a premium version?

The answer is simple, if you need only these features on your websites then you can go with GeneratePress free theme but before making a decision, know these options which not available on a free theme. Which are,

  • Official support: You might get every solution on google but few times you need executive help. And which is not available on a free extension of GeneratePress.
  • Copyright: “Power by GeneratePress” this slogan is non-editable on footer of free theme. Then why SEOfoam had it? Because we replaced official one with the affiliate link.
  • Import/ Export: These two features are not required on a daily basis and honestly I think I never used these features. But you’re getting on the premium edition.
  • CSS knowledge: Free theme doesn’t allow you to customize too much. You need good coding knowledge to conduct next level customization on the free version.

These are the available features of GeneratePress free theme, If you were happy with these features then feel free to download from the below click.

If you think, you should know more about “GeneratePress free vs premium” then keep reading.

After knowing about GeneratePress free theme, let’s begin the journey toward GeneratePress pro I mean premium.

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GeneratePress Premium theme features

Premium word itself stands for some next-level features. And like this, GeneratePress premium version provides some quality features which you won’t get on free extension.

GeneratePress Premium is a plugin called “GP premium” developed by Tomus borne (founder of GeneratePress).

After installing the GP premium plugin on WordPress dashboard, you can unlock every possible feature which you not able to access on GeneratePress free theme.

Some of the features are,

  • Page header: The ultimate customization of header section is not possible on GeneratePress free theme but on here you can customize your header and to access this feature, I shifted on GP premium.
  • Colors:  It will provide 60+ colors option which is enough to set up a beautiful looking webpage. 
  • Site library: 33+ pre-designed demo sites available to access. This means you don’t need to spend hours of time to decide the structure. Just import one design and make it beautiful.
  • Space: Everyone needs space in their life and your blog too. By this feature, you can fix appropriate space between your blog and header or menu or sidebar, etc.
  • Background: Now you can edit or customize the background of the blog page by accessing background customization feature.
  • Woocommerce: Turn your simple blog to an online store with this simple one-click option.
  • Super Navigation: It allow us to add extra links in mega menu for better navigation.

The listed unavailable features on GeneratePress free theme also available on GP premium.

If these all things are available on GP premium then what about unavailability?

Honestly, till now I couldn’t find any feature which is not good but if you find out something like this then feel free to comment.

Is it good? If yes then please hit the subscribe button to get the more FREE value.

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After knowing these features of GeneratePress free vs premium. Let’s find out which kind of theme your blog needs? A super free one or excellent pro one?

Which is best for you? GeneratePress free vs premium?

If you are a beginner or new person in blogging then I highly recommend GeneratePress free theme.

Or if you not having a good budget then also go with free GeneratePress theme.

But if you need more customization or want to grow your business then must use GP premium over a free one.

Bonus: Do you know, which are the Best FREE tools that i used to create content?

GP premium pricing

The price of GP premium is $49.95 along with you will get 1-year update and support.

On each time you will get 40% renewal discount and 30-day money-back guarantee.

By paying only $49.95 you can use GP premium on unlimited sites and even you can use it on your client website too. This is quite good investment and you can use GP premium at this moment by clicking below option.

FAQ section

Is GeneratePress free?

Yes. GeneratePress is completely free to use and anyone can download it.

What is GP premium?

GP premium is an add-on plugin which provides more customization option for your GeneratePress theme.

Which is the best page builder for GeneratePress theme or GP plugin?

SEOfoam home page is designed using Elementor Pro and I personally know few bloggers who using Divi or Thrive Architect on GP premium. That means all page builders are comfortable with GeneratePress theme.

Is GP premium having a refund policy?

Yes, It has 30 days refund policy.

Final word on GeneratePress free vs premium | Conclusion

I really comfortable with GP premium and currently I don’t have any plan related to switching from GP premium.

If you feel this theme can bring the difference on your website in terms of appearance and load speed then you should try its atleast free version.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you have any doubts in your mind then please do comment.

This is complete article about GeneratePress review or GeneratePress free vs premium comparison. If you liked our efforts then please share.

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