11+ Epic FREE content writing tools for SEO [secret of ranking]


Desperate for not having free content writing tools for SEO? Looking for some best blog content writing tools to improve the ranking on the search engine? Let’s assume, I’m a genie.

The wish you searched on a search engine is no more wish. Here you have a treasure of 11+ free content writing tools for SEO which will help you to fulfil the search engine needs.

Even this article is also written by using some free and paid SEO content writing software so these all are safe and easy to use.

To know more, let’s jump into the lake of best free tools for content writing and have fun.

Free Content writing tools for SEO

Once upon a time in blogging when I used to be a beginner, I wrote one highest quality post even without the help of any single tool and till now that post was not even indexed on any search engine.

At that moment I feel like, google was cruel.

But I was wrong.

Later few weeks, I understand that I need to use some tools to improve my quality of the content so I can impress the search engine and users at the same time.

From that day to this day, I used lots of tools and here is a mini list of best free tools for content writing, content research, graphics design, and plagiarism checker.

Let us start with content research.

Content research

Before writing any blog, finding the appropriate content is one of the biggest challenges for every blogger.

And without content research adding value to any blog post is almost impossible.

To make your content research easy and strong, here are few tools which will give you tons of content idea over a single click. These are,


One of the SEO tool which genuinely helping millions of new bloggers to create good content.

Even I also started my blogging career using ubersuggest only and all thanks goes to Neil patel.

Ubersuggest helps us to discover tons of content ideas over a single click even for free, that’s why I listed ubersuggets on top of my ”content writing tools for SEO” list.

Let me explain how ubersuggest help us to discover the new content idea.

Free Content writing tools for SEO

As you can see, I simply searched “backlinks” term in the “content idea section” of the ubersuggest and it suggested lots of content ideas related to backlinks for my new blog post.

By using any idea I can create content very easily.

This is the simplest way of finding new content ideas using ubersuggest. Hope you’re already using this one.

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Another best and my favorite content research tools which i use to get the idea of viral content.

By using buzzsumo you can understand which kind of content gets viral over the internet.

Free Content writing tools for SEO

Buzzsumo not only helps us to find out new content ideas but also shows what kind of content people love to share.

On here you can notice the total number of shares over Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This is one of the best tool to understand the nature of viral content and also to get the idea of the catchy headline.

I personally love buzzsumo and you also can try these cool features while researching the content for your blog.

Now moving on next tool which is,

Answer the public

Another most useful tool which I use to find out questions for my blog post.

It provides every possible question as well as content ideas related to my main keyword.

Free Content writing tools for SEO

By choosing the most appropriate topics, I can design beautiful content for my blog.

If you having the content related issue then you can try this tool.

Answer the public offers a limited free trial and pro plan starts from $99.

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Google suggest

When it comes to online service, how can we forget about Google. This is the only tool that is completely free to use for an unlimited time.

To generate content ideas, simply put your keyword on the search box and get lots of ideas over there.

Here is a screenshot which will give you little bit idea about content research through search engine.

 blog content writing tools

On search bar, I simply searched as “web 2.0 links” and below there I can see lots of ideas that I can use in my content as heading or subheading.

Trust me, google love detailed content, and if use every appropriate suggestion on your content then it will make your content more valuable.

After completing the content research, now time to writing good quality content.

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Best free tools for content writing

Writing the SEO friendly post is one of the hardest part of blogging for new people and every blogger experienced this struggle.

But here we have few best tools for content writing which will guide you while writing and make your post SEO friendly by resolving the error.


Free Content writing tools for SEO

Grammarly doesn’t need any further introduction. I guess, you already using this application or extension over your computer.

Writing the English content for a non-English person is one of the challenging work. Even some times we do spelling mistakes. In such case, Grammarly helps us to solve grammar and spelling mistakes.

Still you are not using Grammarly then must download at this moment to eliminate grammar errors from your content.

It was available in both, free as well as paid version.


Another best free SEO content writing software which helps thousands of content writer to make content strong.

It suggesting lots of improvement in your article on the basis of readability, spelling error, and many more things.

Here is the screenshot,

 blog content writing tools

It provides an overview of the written content on the basis of grade. And you also can replace hard and complicated words with easy words using the suggestion.

In my opinion, you should use Hemmingway if you are searching any free tools for improve the content writing.


I think, no need any long introduction for rankmath. This is one of the best and free WordPress plugin which is used to minimize manual SEO efforts on the blog post.

It suggests every required change according to search engine needs like keyword count, word count, internal linking, and display SEO score on the basis of content quality.

Yoast premium and all-in-one SEO, these two are perfect alternatives for rankmath.

After generating good quality content, checking the plagiarism is most important part of content writing. Here are a few tools which will help you to detect the copied content.

Plagiarism Checker

Did you know, If you had any kind of copied or plagiarized content on your blog then you will never rank on google!!

Because Google Google hates these kind of content and,

it only love unique content.

That’s why I suggest you must check twice before publishing any pics of content over the search engine.

Here is one famous free plagiarism checking tool which will help you to figure out copied content.

Small SEO tools

Small SEO tools provide lots of SEO tools but I never tried any one of them except plagiarism checker.

It will help you to detect copied parts of the content on your blog page so you can remove or replace those content and make your blog page safe from google crawler.

For a new blogger, this is quite good plagiarism checker tool which can help them to understand more about content.

These are the few free content writing tools for SEO. But you know what, blog post was incomplete without graphics.

Graphic design

Before a few weeks, I watching one movie with my mom and the scene was something like this.

The lead character of the movie describing one the most powerful book as a boring book because it doesn’t have any single graphics.

The name of that movie is “oh my god” and moral of the story is, whatever amount of knowledge you deliver in your post is just boring without graphics.

So here is one tool which I using from the past couple of years and name is,


free graphics tool

Canva is my favourite graphic design tool which I using to design blog graphics, poster, social media graphics like, FB, Instagram, etc.

I think most of you are already using this tool and I believe it doesn’t need any further explanation.

But if you never used this tool then I highly recommend you to use canva.

These tools will help you to generate good content on the internet. but do you know something interesting about SEO and blogging?

Backlinko says, on average no 1 ranking web page will having 31.7% of CTR!!

That means you need a solid catchy headline to rank on goggle. And here are few tools that will help us to generate unique headlines. Let us know about this also.

Headlines generating tool

According to copyblogger, out of 10, 8 searchers only reads headlines and around 2 will read the actual post.

This is a fact and to increase the CTR of the blog page, use these tools and generate more catchy headlines.


Here is the one headline generator tool which will help you to understand how to place a keyword in heading and also suggesting some best headline idea.

You can see some ideas on this screenshot.

I simply added “dog” as a keyword on contentrow and here is the result.

 blog content writing tools

These all are quite good headline suggestion to me if I have written content around this or it can be a content research tool to me if I don’t have any idea.

If you don’t have any idea around how to create a good headline, use Contentrow.

It will force you to think like a copywriter.


Impressive part of Sharethrough is, I simply entered one headline and here is the result.

 blog content writing tools

It shows the quality score of the headline which is an average. That means I need to improve my quality of headline using their suggestion.

By putting little bit effort, I can increase the quality score of my headline.

If you’re a new blogger then I must suggest you to use Sharethrough. This will help you a lot.

Which tool do I use most?

Currently, I’m using Semrush SEO tool which is one of the favorite SEO tools of every blogger.

By semrush, I can get millions of content ideas, indebt keyword research, backlink analysis, and many more things.

Even it will help me to steal keywords from my competitor which is one of most smart technique of content and keyword research.

With this single tool, I can find low-competition keywords very easily.

Overall semrush is “value for money” tool and here is the 7-day free trial offer only for you.

You can grab this opportunity at this moment.

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Final word

In this article, we discussed top free content writing tools for SEO, along with I also mentioned a few content research tools and headline generator tools.

Hope you’re loving this article. If you think we need any improvement, kindly leave your message in the comment box.

If you still not having a WordPress website then you can learn within a few minutes by reading our how to start a WordPress blog article.

Please share on social media and appreciate if you get any new things to learn.

Thanks for investing your time on here. Have a great day.

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