33+ TRENDING best niche for blogging in 2020 [IMT formula]


Are you looking at the best niche for blogging to start your online career? Finding the most profitable Blog niche is still complicated for you? If yes then stick to this amazing article.

Here I will tell about perfect niche research and at the end, you will get a complete list of Best Blog Niches to Start a Blog in 2020 which having a huge market value in future.

In fact, most of the professional blogger also making more than $1000/month with these niches. Which means these all are best money-making blog niches.

Without any further explanation lets know more about these best blogging niches.

What Is a Blog Niche?

If you are a complete beginner in blogging field then Niche might be a new term and confusion for you. If you’re a beginner then you should know the meaning of niche.

In easy words, Niche is a specific part or group of a Topic on which you are going to write a blogs.

Lets breakdown this term with examples,

best niche for blogging

Health is a giant industry which having lots of niches to start blogs. Weight loss is a specified niche under the health category which having a specific kind of audience.

In 2017, I created a blog so-called general niche blog when I was a new and I used to publish almost every kind of article on it. And eventually, I failed to grow that blog because I haven’t done niche research. So don’t repeat my mistake.

How to find perfect and profitable Niche?

Lots of newbie blogger have one misconception which is,

If you target more people, you will earn more money. And because of this, they failed to drive quality traffic.

But the fact is, the more you target specified audience, the more chances of getting quality traffic.

And this is only possible with perfect, accurate niche research.

Here is a simple IMT formula to make any niche profitable.

What is IMT Formula?

IMT stands for Interest, Market and Trend.

With this formula you can find a best niche for blogging within minutes.

1. Interest

While choosing the Niche, ask yourself about whether you have interest in this field or not .

Most people doing the mistake of choosing a complete strange niche because they see someone who earning with that niche.

But later they fail to produce high-quality content. Because they don’t have any knowledge in that field.

So don’t do this mistake and find out which niche is suitable for you.

If you’re a good science student and have lots of interest in science then you can choose a science-related niche.

If you have good knowledge of gaming or interested in cooking then you can select that niche.

but, Instead of choosing broad niche like Health or Cooking, try to choose weight loss or recipes because,

Health is a big industry and it having diff different kind of audience so instead of selecting health as a niche, if you choose weight loss as a niche then it will give more profits.

By selecting appropriate niche with this method, now apply this filter to make your niche profitable.

Here is my one secret way of finding niche based on your interest.

If you think this trick is awesome then kindly share it. The secret recipe of identifying is,


Not like watching some YouTubers video regarding how to find a profitable niche. This is an advanced kind of filter which we use on youtube.

First, visit your youtube search history and try to understand what kind of content you like most. That may be a mixture of entertainment, motivation or education but here you will get one idea about your interest.

From here you can identify your niche. If you are not using youtube then you can try with some other platform like google search or Facebook, or quora.

In this test i identify that my interest is marketing and seo. And soon you will get lots of new seo and marketing stuff on this website. For that you need to subscribe.

Subscribe and get quality content absolutely for free.

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2. Market

Market research is the most required part in niche selection. Without understanding the market, you can’t grow your business.

Now we should understand our audience potential. For that, we can use various tools like Semrush or google keyword planner.

Let’s assume weight loss is my niche then we will check how many people searching this quarries on google.

best niche for blogging

According to Google keyword planner, weight loss keyword having up to 100k monthly users in India.

That means weight loss is a profitable niche in India.

After successful Market research, lets move to final test which is,

3. Trend

Understanding the trend of the niche is most required part in niche research.

To check the trend we will use another google product which is Google Trends.

Here you can get clear idea about this niche. There is no downfall in last five years and it is a evergreen niche.

Let’s know about another niche idea.

Here you can get a clear idea about summer camp niche. This is also a profitable niche but only in a certain time.

So, like this you have to find best niche for blogging.

By this IMT formula you can find thousand of profitable niche very easily.

If you still facing problem in finding profitable niche then check this list of top niches for blogging.

From this list you can find atleast one profitable niche.

Best niche for blogging

Here I have shared some most profitable niche for blogging, if you start blogs by using these niches then you can generate online income very soon.


As I mentioned before, food is a big market to compete but if you have good knowledge in the food industry then you can go with these niche ideas.

  • Recipes: If you have a good interest in preparing recipes then you can create food recipes blog. Lots of people searching like how to make coffee as well.
  • kitchen equipment review: Before buying any products almost every person checking the review and some other features on google. This is another money-making niche in blogging.
  • Diet: Be the expert of the diet section and publish the recipes related diets. This is a growing industry and another best niche for blogging.
  • Restaurant Reviews: This is a perfect niche idea for foodies. Just visit every restaurant, taste their food and write honest review on Dish. This sounds like good.
  • Food Photography / Food Videography: In this niche write blogs and teach how to take perfect food images or videos for there social media or banner ads.

You can use Google ads or affiliate programs to monetize your Food Blog.


best niche for blogging

Entertainment is another evergreen industry which growing in super fast speed. Each and every person choose entertainment to enjoy. Here are few less competition blog niches in the Entertainment Industry.

  • Trending celeb news: Every celebrity having their own fan base and they want to know everything about there favourite celebrity. Choose this as the best niche for blogging.
  • Movie review: Write down everything about a movie like star casts, release date, post reviews, collection etc.
  • TV show: Lots of people watching lots of TV shows on a regular basis. Just write down about them.
  • Jokes and image: Jokes and images are mostly sharable stuff on internet. Even lots of people searching good morning, good night images to share. You can develop images or jokes site.

Google Adsense is the most effective way of monetizing these kinds of blogs.


best niche for blogging

Gaming is another growing industry. It has millions of active users base worldwide. But most of the population only loves to play games like me. You can select below niche to start blogs.

  • Tutorial: People loves tutorials. Write blogs about Game installation, settings tutorials.
  • Hacks: Write blogs related to hacks like cheat code, or something else which helps to play the game.
  • Reviews: Write reviews about games, character or features.
  • Gaming equipment review: Write a blog around gaming equipment like gaming chair, gaming laptop, VR etc

Adsense and affiliate both work for the gaming niche.


best niche for blogging

Travel is the most profitable industry where everyone spending their money. These are some profitable niches under the Travel category. If you like to travel then you already have knowledge of these niches.

  • Travel gadget: Almost every travelling guy owns at least one travelling gadget that may be tripods to capture view or Bluetooth headphones to listen his favourite songs. This might be a perfect niche if you have good knowledge in such field.
  • Destination guide: Finding the best places in Germany by sitting in India is quite difficult without internet. But nowadays every person had a good internet connection so this will be another most profitable niche for blogging.
  • Booking guide: There are lots of online ticket booking platform available on internet but guidance while booking the ticket is hardly available. If you target good keywords by doing proper research then it will be another best niche for blogging.

Affiliate marketing is highly recommended monetization method for Travell blogs because people spend lots of money to travel.


best niche for blogging

Super, duper, profitable and evergreen niche is health. But as I mentioned before, health is highly competitive niche to compete in today’s time so instead of wasting time on this niche, go deeper and select the smallest region of this industry. Few less competition blog niches are,

  • Diets: Achieving healthy body is every person’s dream but they don’t have time to do exercise. In this case you can write blogs related to diets and healthy recipes.
  • Skincare: Skincare is another Best Blogging Niche to start blogs. People always finding easy skincare tips to look beautiful. Here you have a great opportunity to build a loyal audience base.
  • Haircare: Like skincare, hair care is also a profitable niche to start blogs. You can write reviews around shampoo or hair oil.
  • Teeth whitening: This might be new niche for you but trust me, This is another best niche for blogging.
  • Meditation: Write blogs around meditation tips and tutor, it will work.

Health niche is highly operated on affiliate programs so affiliate will be the first choice for health niche.

Education and career

best niche for blogging

Is it possible to live without an education? Hell no, This is the most profitable industry which doesn’t vanish at any cost.

These are only few niches blog niche examples. If you do proper research then you’ll get thousands of more profitable niches in this industry.

  • Career path guide: To build a career in any industry, need proper guidance. If you any expertise in any field then create a blog around that niche and publish articles.
  • New skills to learns: Create a blog and list down every learnable skill under respected industry. This will give a quick overview and help them to learn the right skill.
  • Teaching new skill: Entrepreneur.com is a perfect example. From here you can learn about entrepreneurship. Create a blog like this and help people to learn skill.
  • Upcoming exams: Millions of student preparing for various exams per year. Create a blog around this niche and list down every upcoming exam. This is another best niche for blogging.
  • Providing material: This is almost similar to the last niche idea. On here, provide various study material like GK question answer sheet or Current affairs on a daily basis.

Google AdSense is the best choice in such kind of niche and affiliate also works.


best niche for blogging

Another evergreen niche to start blog. According to Businessinsider.in, Fitness industry’s global valuation is $100 billion. If you have good knowledge in this sector then you can start blog around these niches.

  • Supplement: Supplements are highly required products in fitness. Providing the reviews about supplements is might be good niche for you.
  • Weight loss: Help people to lose their body weight with your blogs. This is another best niche for blogging. We already know the market and trend of this niche.
  • Yoga: This is highly trending niche to write blogs. Lots of people already switched toward yoga to escape from mental problems like depression and anxiety. This will be a good choice to write blog.
  • Self-defence: Another best money-making blog niches where you can generate tons of topics.
  • Exercise: Choose exercise as a niche and list down every possible kind of exercise and make money through it.

Affiliate marketing in fitness niche is like selling ice creams in summer. Super duper profitable,


best niche for blogging

Last but not the least, the Tech industry. No need further explanation in terms of profits. It is most profitable niche till now. Let’s get the list of most profitable niches under tech category.

  • Electronics gadget review: People gives value for reviews before buying anything. Setuping the blog related to electronics gadget review is quite profitable in today’s date.
  • Tech Support: If anything happens to my computer at this moment then there is big chances that I’ll use google to get a solution to my problem. Like me, millions of people asking tech-related help from google. If you provide a solution for there problem then you can make money easily.
  • Hacks: Time-saving hacks are really valuable in today’s time. Create a blog around this niche, this will be a profitable and best niche for blogging in today’s time.

Adsense and affiliate both are good in this niche.

Here are the 34 profitable niches to start a blog at any time. Make sure that selected niche should pass through IMT formula then only it will become profitable.

I guess that you selected on niche from above list or going to elect soon, but what next?

What next?

After selecting the good niche put every efforts to make that niche profitable. How?

Now start a blog around that niche. I already explained how to start a profitable blog within 10 minute. Read it,


Here is the quick guide to start your first wordpress blog.

  • Book a domain name. Godaddy is my favorite platform to book domain.
  • Choose a good hosting.
  • I recommend you to choose the best hosting provider like siteground, bluehost , greengeeks etc.
  • If you have a tight budget then Hostinger is for you (Use coupon code as “SEOFOAM” to get extra discount)
  • After having good hosting, install WordPress and design Stunning website.
  • Use page builder like Elementor pro to design stunning home page.
  • To cut-down extra efforts, use keywords tools like Semrush or Ahref. It will help you to do proper keyword research. (7 Days Free Trial Of SEMrush is for you)
  • Create well researched and optimized article on your blogs and publish.
  • Do proper on-page seo and off-page seo to rank on google.
  • Update your content over the time period to see the improvement in our blog ranking.

That’s it, after this much of efforts you can make any niche profitable.


This is a complete tutor about how to choose the best niche for blogging and a collection of the best niche for blogging. Here I also mentioned every tactic which I used to find a niche. If you enjoyed this article then please share with your friends.

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